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Custom Kitchen
The professionals at Ava enterprise are passionate about kitchen remodeling and design. In a full brief design, to start we provide a sketch planning to exchange the first ideas with the client. We prepare a full-first presentation which includes a selection of materials and colors with different samples of paint and etc on a 3D preview. We believe that your kitchen should cater to your aesthetic and functional needs, so we'll work our hardest to create a space that will serve you well for the long haul. Whether you're an avid cook or simply want to improve the value of your home, we can design and create the beautiful, comfortable and affordable kitchen you've always wanted.
Traditional Kitchen
Traditional kitchens are defined by their details, and creating eye-catching detail is not just as simple as putting legs on an island. But whether they're Old World or Mediterranean flavor, traditional kitchens all share the same basic elements. Here are 15 features of a traditional kitchen style.

Architectural details.
Flush inset or framed cabinetry.
Glazed and antique cabinet finishes.
Raised-panel doors.
Mixed door styles and finishes.
Decorative cabinet door inserts.
Decorative moldings and corbels.
Architectural details for cabinetry.
Apron-front sinks
Luxury countertop materials.
Ornate and decorative lighting.
Custom metal, plaster and stone hoods.
Backsplash niches and ledges.
Furniture-style tall cabinets.
Hutch-style cabinets.
Transitional Kitchen
Think of a transitional kitchen as the great moderator. With the warmth and welcome of traditional design and the clean, simple lines of contemporary style, transitional spaces project balance and harmony. Because they offer a great deal of flexibility, they're a great choice for homeowners who don't want to confine themselves to a single style or whose taste spans the two. Here are 8 features of a transitional kitchen style.

Crisp cabinetry.
Natural surfaces.
Streamlined tile.
Simple accents.
Natural materials against manufactured ones.
Neutral colors.
Lots of texture.
A touch of embellishment
Contemporary Kitchen
Contemporary kitchens can be modern, but they can also have elements of other styles. At Ava Enterprise when we think of what makes a kitchen contemporary, it most often includes cutting-edge design and technology and use of new trends and materials. Here are 6 features of a Contemporary kitchen style.

Cutting-edge appliances.
Old materials used in a new way.
Extensive options for backsplashes.
Updated accents and accessories.
A mix of materials, shapes and scale.
Bar stools and decorative lighting.
Even though it is one of the smallest rooms in the house, having a high-quality washroom shouldn't be an afterthought; after all, a bathroom remodel is one of the most worthwhile home investments you can make which will increase the overall value, quality and comfort of your home. it is important to consider popular trends as well as your own family's needs. Just tell us what your family needs are and we will show you how best to use the space you have.
Your bedroom closet is where your day starts and ends. This is your personal space and organizing it will make your life easier. Our reach in closets feature adjustable shelves, cubbies, hanging rods, baskets, shoe shelves, jewelry drawers, and so much more. Compliment your personal style and combine simplicity with our Collections. It unites essential organization with stylish design to create the practical closet you've been looking for.

Adjustable Shelves
Valet Rod
Sliding Belt Rack
Cabinet Doors
Security Drawer
Island with Lucite Drawers
Valet Rod
Black Velvet Jewelry Drawers
Drawer with 9 Pockets and Lucite Divider
Deco Doors with Fluted Glass Inserts
Double-decker Black Velvet Jewelry Drawer with Sliding Tray
Base Molding
Crown Molding
Tie Drawer
Tilt-out Hamper
Island with Deco Drawers
Slanted Shoe Shelves behind Deco Glass Doors
Double-decker Black Velvet Jewelry Drawer
Your cabinet door style can be one of the most important factors in your kitchen's new design. Not only are cabinet doors one of the most visible design elements in a kitchen, but they can also be one of the most expensive. From the elaborate to the simple, there's a door style for every home design. If you can't find any door style on the market that really complements your unique design intention, at Ava Enterprise we can design what you love!
Home Office
In most families, the home office plays a wide variety of roles. If you work from home, it is your 9-to-5 place of business; for others, it's a place to pay the bills, go through mail or store important documents. For kids, it's a homework spot, or maybe the place to play hours and hours of computer games. It can be a library, a sitting room or just a quiet place for taking good naps. If space is limited, it can be paired with a guest room or added into the nook of any bedroom, living room or kitchen. There are many options, at Ava Enterprise we can help you determine what's best for your family.
Anybody can have a cookie cutter home bar to hold their excess rum and whiskey bottles. But why would you settle for a simple counter and hidden storage cabinet when you can have a home bar reminiscent of the exclusive bars. This is where the talented team at Ava Enterprise comes in. Keep in mind home bars don’t always have to be elaborate set ups complete with stools, separate refrigerators and an entire array of bottles. All you really need are a few of your favorite bottles, mixers and some creativity to get the ball rolling.

Check out some of our favorites that range in scale, budget and levels of creativity below. You’ll see that even some chalkboard paint, a few accessories and a great looking tray; you can have that bar you’ve always longed for.
Adding a library brings a luxurious touch to your home, whether it is a small reading nook in which to unwind or an elaborate space to entertain guests. It may seem intimidating to build up a library at home. When most people think of a home library, they probably think of a large room in a mansion, with shelves so high ladders are needed to reach all the books. While this is one kind of home library, home libraries are still attainable for people with less space. At Ava Enterprise we can design you a inspiring home library to get inspiration for your space.
Quick access to items in your kitchen is priceless. Our attractive pantries are developed to streamline cooking and cleaning with easy to reach shelves for easy to find items.

Lucite Shelf Divider
Slatwall with Accessories
Lucite Front Drawers
Pull out Shelves with Lip
Scalloped Wine Racks
Wine Rack
Drawers with Sliver Cloth Lining
Dividers and Drawers
This is probably the busiest room in your home, so it needs to be organized. We understand how important is to keep the rhythm of your home in harmony. Choose from a combination of long and short shelving, a variety of storage locations for cleaning supplies and items to complement your laundry room necessities.
Keeping the home fires burning is infinitely easier when you have a beautiful fireplace surround to add a little warmth to the situation. As the primary focal point of a living room or family room, no fireplace should ever blend into the background — it should always be the first thing you notice when walking into a room. Regardless of how your fireplace looks now, there are many ways you can turn it into a one-of-a-kind statement piece. At Ava Enterprise we can design a fireplace that best matches your house.
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